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  The Main Figure:
Once the head is finally complete and in place you can start building up the clay on the main body of the figure. You should over exaggerate the pose, since the addition of clay reduces the
impact of what it was supposed to be a dynamically posed figure. Many artist use to bake the sculpt after applying a layer of clay over the armature, but not us. Sometimes further corrections are needed. And we always build up the form as a whole, not in one section at a time cause this
way you have more chances of loosing body symmetry, size and/ or proportion. Again, try to get as much reference material as possible. When you are making the muscles, have in mind that certain muscles take different appearances depending on their orientation and action.

Don’t rush to make further details on the muscles unless you are completely sure they are well placed in the figure. The final result will surely be worth the patience

If you are happy with the basic muscle structure, you can start refining the figure…….

…….and also to start working on the figure’s clothes, that’s why we recommend you to have some reference material about these matters too (a good collection of books may be needed). When we say "refining" we mean the process of smoothing and removing all possible imperfections on the clay. Right after that comes the finishing details addition.

Now, if you want to make copies of your new figure -castings-, there are some considerations you should attend to. Some sculptors make all the figure as a whole and then cut it using a little saw (although this might produce poorly fitting pieces in the final product sometimes). That’s why here, at Gore Group’s headquarters, we use to test-fitting the pieces continually, so as to ensure a perfect fit in all our figures.