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  This part of the process needs to be explained in detail so as to achieve a good fitting of the figure’s pieces. Talking about a head or an arm (usually these are the pieces to be separated) we had already prepared the wire snap-on. The "female" piece in the base, the "male" piece in the head, arm or whatever.

That’s where we tie the string (try to get from an supplies shop what we use to call invisible string, used for shortening trousers and such. This invisible string has the width of a hair and is almost as resistant as the strings used for fishing) leaving the two ends hanging from the piece, being convenient to unite both ends with a tiny piece of scotch for working freely.

Now we can start working on the figure as if it were a whole, with the advantage once we finish the piece to be separated we have the string (previously inserted trough the wire) for cutting through the fresh sculpey. All we have to do now is to get the string from both ends and cross them until the piece has been completely cut off.

Done this, our figure is ready for the oven. Voila!

Well, hope you can make good use of this brief tutorial, and that we can meet in many others. Let’s sculpt! Coming soon the mold and casting text